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Chameleon Rolling Tarp systems - LOADS LIKE A FLATBED... PROTECTS LIKE A VAN!

HoriZon Truck & Body Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Chameleon's rolling tarps in Lethbridge, the most innovative rolling tarp systems in the industry. These rolling tarps are the safest and quickest rolling tarp system in the market saving you time and money loading, unloading and tarping your loads. Every Chameleon rolling tarp is specifically designed for the trailer it goes on. Custom options like double lift bows, customized air deflectors, stainless headboards, headboard access doors and digital printed graphics are available.  From flatbeds and drop decks to trucks and trailers, HoriZon can cover them all. See below for more information on the load covering systems we supply.


Features of Chameleon’s Rolling Tarps

  • Front tensioning handle and wing: Ease the task of opening and closing the tarp system
  • Adjustable rear lock: Facilitates you to fine tune your tarp tension
  • Roll-up door with winding device: Allows 100% load clearance
  • Dual mudguard sealing: Gives flexibility to wrap around straps and chains
  • Removable railguard: Protects the rails from impact

Learn more about Chameleon’s rolling tarps.

Why Chameleon

Chameleon is known for:

  • Designing and manufacturing the innovative rolling tarp systems
  • Providing a system that can haul larger loads
  • Providing a system that hauls heavier loads
  • Supplying complete operable systems
  • Authorized installation and service
  • Developing and updating the systems

Check the video below to learn more about Chameleon.

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