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Hydraulic Liftgates

Hydraulic lift gates can be used to lift thousands of pounds. HoriZon Truck & Body Ltd. provides hydraulic lift gates in Lethbridge from top manufacturers like Dhollandia and Maxon. Browse and check the features of our wide range of lift gates. Listed below are some of the products we sell:

DH-RP.10 from Dhollandia
DH-RP.15 from Dhollandia

DH-RP.15 1000 from Dhollandia

The DH-RP.15 1000 kg is the top model fold-away lift from Dhollandia with half-dip platform ride. This model is light-weight of three lifts but is robust for half-dip platform ride from the vehicle floor to the ground. In comparison to the DH-RM.20 with level ride, the DH-RP.15 is a more economical solution for unloading pallets and boxes, general freight and expediting.

Features of DH-RP.15 are:

  • Designed for straight trucks up to 26T GVW (excl. refrigerated bodies)

  • Available with power-down (double acting descend) option for extreme winter conditions

  • Available with walk-ramp kit

  • Provides maximum platform stability and operational reliability, with a minimal proper weight

  • Excellent price-quality ratio

Platform of DH-RP.15:

  • Reinforced steel base section with aluminium point, or weight saving full aluminium platform

  • The folding and unfolding of the platform are assisted by powerful torsion springs

Functional and mechanical characteristics:

  • Half-dip ride. Progressive platform tilt while lifting or lowering

  • Alternative available with level-ride and automatic tilt at ground level

  • Fixed stabilizer rods, platform orientation is only adjustable during installation

Hydraulic characteristic:

  • 2 double-acting lift cylinders (Power-down)

  • Electrical safety valves on all cylinders

  • Manual emergency operation on all electrovalves

  • Cylinder piston rods in hard-chromed stainless steel

  • Cylinders equipped with rubber gaitors and lubrication

  • Pump unit 12V or 24V DC, accessible on 4 sides for easy maintenance

Electrical characteristics:

  • Arctic exterior control box with IP67 rated sealed contacts, and a main battery isolator switch with removable key 

  • Electrical controls without sensitive electronic components

  • Safe exterior controls with compulsory 2-hand operation

  • Electric motor with thermal cut-out fuse


  • Bolt-on mounting plates for quick and easy fitting

  • Premounted mounting plates at a fixed center distance

  • Integrated floor plate for flush mounting available as an option

  • Robust bed-extension plate with side ladders available as option

  • Fixed 3-piece bumper bar available as option

  • Fixed 3-piece bumper bar + integrated light boxes available as an option

DH-RP.15 from Dhollandia

The Dhollandia fold-away lifts DH-RP.15 twin cylinders is available with maximum operational reliability along with great ease of use. Using easy controls and fast deployment, the DH-RP.15 is ideal for light distribution transport and the short-term truck rental business. In the driving position, the platform of the fold-away lift is safely stored under the vehicle. This lift is extremely fit for operations with frequent access to loading docks, for demountable bodies and other situations where frequent, quick and direct access to the rear vehicle doors is essential.

Platform of DH-RP.15:
  • 50”x 86” galvanized steel base and aluminum flip platform
  • Optional 50”x 86” full aluminum platform

Functionality – mechanical characteristics:

  • Torsion spring to support the manual deployment of the platform
  • Total installed weight can be as low as 600 lbs
Hydraulic characteristics:
  • Hydraulic lock valves on both cylinders for maximum safety
  • Manual emergency operation on all electro valves (1)
  • Cylinder piston rods in chromed stainless steel (INOX)
  • Standard power-down hydraulic system
Electrical controls:
  • Standard potted up/down toggle switch (2)
  • Optional external controls with battery switch and emergency stop (3)
  • Optional 2 buttons handheld remote on spiral wire (4)
Fitting of the lift:
  • Bolt-on mounting plates for quick and easy fitting (no welding requirement)
  • Galvanized steel deck extension and dock bumpers as standard equipment
Finish and maintenance:
  • Standard hot dip galvanized finish
  • All pins are zinc plated
  • Low maintenance bushings and grease ports on all pivot points
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