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Providing the Industry Leading Onboard Air Compressor from VMAC

At Horizon Truck & Body, we sell a huge selection of equipment to outfit your truck for a number of jobs. If you have a mobile business that frequently uses an air compressor to power tools, refill tires for clients, etc., we have the perfect solution for your fleet of service trucks. Rather than hauling a large air compressor in the cargo area of your truck and using valuable space, consider our underhood air compressors from VMAC. VMAC produces the industry’s leading onboard air compressor, so you’ll never have to haul a compressor to and from the job again. If your truck is there, your air compressor is, too. Learn more about the benefits and features of these game changing tools on this page or give us a call with any questions.

Free Up Valuable Cargo Space
Since our underhood compressors are integrated with your truck’s engine, you carry it with you wherever you go. Now you have additional cargo space to use for other necessary tools and equipment. This also means that when you provide maintenance to your truck engine, you’re also maintaining your air compressor. That’s one less engine to maintain and less money spent on fluids, repairs, etc.

Handle Any Task on Your Job Site

VMAC rotary screw compressors are powerful enough to provide continuous high volume air to run a wide range of pneumatic tools including impact wrenches, grinders, pavement breakers, air guns and post pounders.

Work in Any Weather Conditions

No matter the climate, the VMAC underhood compressors are able to perform. From the frozen winters of the northern part of the country to warm summer temperatures, the VMAC is designed to work wherever you are.

Optional Automatic Standby Mode

Help protect the environment and save fuel with the optional automatic standby mode of the Underhood 70-G. This advanced control system will turn the truck engine off and on automatically based on air demand. This means a significant decrease in stationary fuel consumption and engine idling hours.

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